November 21st – 22nd, 2016,
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Catalunya



  • Conference organizing committee:
     Begonya Saez Tajafuerce (UAB),
    Andrés Armengol Sans (UAB)

  • An international conference under the auspices of the
    Departament de Filosofia (UAB),
    Facultat de Lletres (UAB),
    ERRAPHIS (Toulouse 2 – Jean Jaurès),
    Psicoanálisis y Sociedad (Barcelona),
    SGR Cos i Textualitat (UAB),
    Ateneu Barcelonès, Institut del teatre (Barcelona)

  • Please note:
    Submission of proposals September 30th, 2016

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Conference fees

Transfers should be made before November 1st, 2016 to the following bank account: ES95 0239 2059 1800 3498 2215

Price A


Students and unemployed participants

Price B




  • This congress has as its aim to enlarge the research related to the notion of vulnerability from both a theoretical and political perspective. Authors like Judith Butler and Adriana Cavarero, following the paths inaugurated by Emmanuel Levinas and Hannah Arendt, have emphasized the relationality that constitutes the embodied subject, exposed to and dependent on others. Nonetheless, such a discourse is mostly concerned by the discursive devices that constitute and enable the subject as a sum of plural identifications, which leaves aside a crucial aspect: the irreducible tensional bond between the subject in its singularity, even a symptomatic reality to quote Lacan, and/in the social sphere.

  • The notion of ecstasy, as related to the body and a singular experience of reality thereby concerned, exceeds a nominalist account of the subject, and signals a domain of indeterminacy which challenges any binarism as a logic of relation to reality. Therefore, the notion of ecstasy conceived of in the aforementioned terms challenges the normative, regulative, and measuring logics of neo-liberal politics.

  • Following these remarks, we encourage those who might be interested to participate in the congress to write communications related to these topics:

    As topics for structuring the workshops we propose:

    1- Body and Ontology: being outside oneself
    2- Body and Politics: challenging the (measuring) policies of neo-liberalism
    3- Body and Aesthetics: artistic representations of ecstasy
    4- Body and Psychoanalysis: jouissance and/as subtraction

  • Paper proposals should be less than 300 words in Catalan, Spanish, French or English (preferentially in Word format) and must specify the axis in which the proposal fits and in which language the presentation would be pronounced. Materials should be prepared for blind review and sent by email to before September 30th, 2016.

  • Schedule:

    Deadline for submissions: September 30th, 2016;
    Replies from the Scientific Committee: October 15th, 2016;
    Online registration: November 1st, 2016 

  • Download files:

    Posters: [catalan]| [english]| [spanish]|
    Programme: [catalan]| [english]| [spanish]|